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Conex Box Transport 

Container Movers offers a number of transport services and solutions by utilizing Sidelifters, Landolls, as well as mobile cranes. Our efficient container trucking services are offered throughout the US. Allow us to ship your Conex, or move a 3rd party container for you.

Truck transporting a shipping container

Conex Box Intermodal  Services

Conex boxes go by many different names; intermodal containers, Sea cans, shipping containers, or ISO containers, however, regardless of the name given, the purpose and design of these steel modular structures is to allow for intermodal shipping– the movement of containers from one mode of transport to another (ship, rail, or truck) without the need to load and unload, then reload its contents.

You can rely on our transparent communication, cost-effective route planning, efficient Conex container handling, and other strategies to add to the overall success and cost savings for you. As a leading Conex moving and transport company, our extensive network consistently ensures reliable nationwide pick-up and delivery services.

Sidelifter Container Semi Trailer and Conex Boxes

Level Lift Loaded Conex Box Containers

Along with Landolls and mobile cranes, Container Movers uses revolutionary intermodal Sidelifter mobile crane trucks that are able to level lift loaded Conex shipping containers. Our unique ability to level lift loaded Conex containers without tipping them saves you time and money! Our side loading container trailer and Sidelifter trucks result in less restrictions than conventional trucks and more efficient container handling solutions.

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  • Level lifting of loaded Conex boxes from the ground, rail, chassis and more
  • 20', 40', 45', or 53' Containers
  • Nationwide Pick-up & Delivery
  • Intermodal & Privately Owned Containers
Mobile Crane Moving Shipping Container

Save Time & Money

Save time and money while increasing productivity as we safely and easily manage the pick-up and delivery of your Conex box. We adapt swiftly to changing market conditions and client needs, offering flexible and agile Conex moving and transport solutions.

The Industry Leader & Best of Conex Moving Companies

Flexibility & Reliability

The combination of flexibility and reliability inevitably leads to trust and higher customer satisfaction, which is our ultimate goal.

Being flexible means we will quickly respond to changes in schedules, routes, or unexpected challenges, providing a tailored approach, as well as a smooth and reliable transport process for you. Our container transport services extend to both intermodal and privately owned containers and can accommodate a variety of shipping container sizes.

You can rely on our transparent communication, cost-effective route planning, efficient container handling, and other strategies to add to the overall success and cost savings for you. As a leading container moving and transport company, our extensive network consistently ensures reliable nationwide pick-up and delivery services.

Whether moving your storage container across the parking lot or transporting your shipping containers across the country, our flexibility and reliability will contribute to the success of your endeavors.

Conex Box Moving Options


Level-Lifting Capable

If a level lift is what your shipping container needs, we have a network of sidelifters, cranes, and rotator trucks throughout the country that can get your container off the ground safely. We’ll work with you to see what type of container moving equipment would work best for your specific needs.

Landoll trailer.png

Landoll Service

Whether empty or loaded, a landoll is a type of trailer that winches the container up while the trailer is tilted. If loaded, the contents would be tilted- so it’s important to secure the load if this is how your container will be transported. These types of container moving trucks are perfect for short distances and relocations.

Mobile Crane Moving Shipping Container

Crane Service

Do you need to transport your container long distances? A crane is likely what will be doing the loading and unloading from the shipping container truck responsible for transporting it. We include an estimate of this in our quote if it is deemed necessary, and with your involvement we will arrange it for you to ensure that the process goes smoothly.


Sidelifter or Sideloader

These trailers are specifically designed for lifting and transporting a shipping container that is fully loaded. Its advanced level lifting capabilities ensure safe and efficient handling of your shipping container. This feature is crucial for maintaining container integrity during loading and unloading, reducing the risk of damage.

Conex Box?

History: The origin of standardized steel shipping containers dates to World War II, when commercial shipping operators and the U.S. military developed a way to efficiently ship goods overseas and across the country while keeping them safe.

The logistics method associated with this type of shipping was referred to as Container Express and abbreviated as “ConEx.” This abbreviation became universal and was later used to identify the entire category of shipping containers – eventually becoming a single term: Conex.

Conex boxes come in a variety of standardized sizes and capacities: 20-ft containers are the most common, followed by 40-ft, and then 10-ft containers and all are typically 8-ft wide and 8-ft 6-in tall.

Frequently Asked Questions of Container Trucking and Moving Companies

Truck transporting a shipping container

How do I get a standard 40-foot, or 20-foot shipping container moved?

Loaded or empty, how do you move a container? There are a couple different ways that are available depending on your specific circumstances. Loaded containers can be a complicated process that if done wrong can result in financial disaster. So how do they move these shipping containers? There are multiple different methods, landolls, sideloaders, tilt-beds, and standard flatbed/step-decks. If you have an empty container, using a simple tilt-bed or a landoll would be the most cost-effective option. Using a container to move across the country? Anticipate cranes to load and offload your container and a flatbed to transport it. The “one and done” trucks do not travel long distances, so there needs to be a way to pick up the container off the ground and subsequently put it down on the ground at the destination. Click here to learn more.

Loading and Unloading Conex Containers from Sidelifter Trailer

How do you transport a shipping container without a crane?

The most effective way to move a container without a crane or forklift is by using a tilted bed trailer, such as a Landoll, or a sidelifter. You will need to ensure that there is enough space around the container for either of these two options.

Shipping Container Movers

What kind of trailer is needed to transport a shipping container?

The most common trailer used to transport and deliver a container is a standard container chassis. These are primarily found transporting cargo in and out of ports and can be a little hard to come by outside of that area. Landoll’s are common, some can winch up to 35,000lbs. Sidelifters can level lift and transport loaded containers most efficiently without tilting the container. Tilt-bed trailers and drop deck trucks primarily move empty 20’s.

Shipping Container Transport

How heavy is a shipping container?

Typically, an empty 20-foot shipping container weighs between 3,970 - 4,850lbs and an empty 40-foot shipping container weighs 8,340 - 9,260lbs depending on what kind of container it is. But your container will tell you about the exact weight on the door.

Truck transporting a shipping container

Can I use a shipping container to move?

If you already have a container or wish to purchase one outright, then absolutely! Selling it once the move is complete is always an option. Renting a container to move would never be recommended, because the price you would pay to get it there would be the price to send it back to the original location.

Customized Solutions For Your Shipping Container

How much does it cost to transport or move a container?

Moving a container is usually a multi-step process, so there are a lot of factors to consider to get an idea on pricing. Click here to learn more.

Container Trucking along Highway.jpg

How Do I Arrange for Container Delivery or to Move a Shipping Container?

Contact a ContainerMovers.com agent where we will determine the most efficient and cost-effective method for your container delivery or to move your shipping container. We utilize various methods, including HIAB lorries equipped with cranes for ground placement, and articulate trailers for locations requiring additional lifting equipment such as forklifts.


Depend on Our Pros to Share the Load

When it comes to transporting Conex boxes, you can forget about the complexities and leave the logistics to the pros at Container Movers. If it’s in a shipping container, we provide a turnkey solution; lift it and store it.

If you have any questions about your cargo container needs, contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any question you may have.