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Our reliable and professional Container Movers' transport service network offers unique and time-saving intermodal and drayage services in the state of Michigan and throughout the U.S. Utilizing our sidelifter mobile crane system, along with landolls and portable cranes, we will efficiently pick-up and safely deliver your portable, fully loaded, shipping containers/Conex boxes to your site. Through our dependable transport network, and by providing an array of transport services to align with your individual needs, we’ll get the job done for you from start to finish. We are a transport company that takes pride in providing a seamless and reliable experience.

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Shipping Container Transport and Delivery Truck

Michigan shipping container transport and moving truck

Our shipping container transport and moving truck services may utilize sidelifter mobile crane systems, towing, landolls or portable cranes, to efficiently pick-up and safely deliver your portable, fully loaded, shipping containers/Conex boxes. Container Movers is a transport company that offers drayage services as well as nationwide delivery. We can transport your shipping container or move a 3rd party container for you.

Ground Level Pick-Up And Delivery Transportation Services of Shipping Containers

  • Level Lifting Capable
  • Lift Fully Loaded or Empty
  • 10', 20', 40', 45', 53', or High Cube Containers
  • Intermodal & Privately Owned Containers
  • Storage Container Transport

  • Nationwide Pick-up & Delivery

  • Drayage Service
  • Landoll Service
  • Crane Service

Michigan Side-loader Pick-up & Delivery Transport Services for shipping Containers or conex

Sidelifter Container Semi Trailer and Conex Boxes

What is a side-loader trailer & how it will benefit you?

A side-loader trailer is a self-loading trailer with two hydraulic lifting arms (cranes) to lift a container onto it. Our state-of-the-art swinglifter side-loader trailer allows for precise placement of shipping containers wherever accessible by truck, facilitating ground level loading or unloading with unmatched precision; particularly in hard to reach areas. It safely lifts and transports even fully loaded containers with a powerful 35-ton capacity. This versatile equipment handles 10', 20', 40', and 45' containers, maintaining stability throughout the process. Ideal for moving large or heavy cargo effortlessly, it's a reliable tool in modern logistics—where safety meets strength and reliability.

Image of Conex Box Moving Sidelifter Truck

Swinglifter technology excels in enabling seamless transfers to and from various platforms including the ground, container chassis', flatbeds, and rail cars.

Shippers benefit from this efficient system as we’re able to deliver loaded containers straight to your door and set it on the ground where you need it. The innovative approach taken by Container Movers ensures that container loading and unloading is carried out safely on solid ground. This method significantly diminishes injury risks associated with traditional lifting methods while eliminating wait times typically required for other types of heavy-lifting machinery to become available or when cranes simply will not fit.

Such efficiency not only streamlines operations for transport operators but also translates into time and cost savings for importers, manufacturers, contractors, warehouse managers, residential movers, and distributors alike.

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Key Features and Functionality of Side Loader Trucks

· Time-Efficiency

  • Swinglifter and sideloader self-loading container trailers boast a swift and efficient level-lifting, container-handling process, reducing loading and unloading times significantly. The innovative design allows for quick maneuverability and a “no-tilt” loading of containers, optimizing your overall logistics operations.

    · Versatility

    These trailers are designed to handle a variety of container sizes, and weights, up to 72,000 pounds, providing the flexibility needed to adapt to diverse shipping requirements. Its ability to transport 10’, 20’, 40’ and 45’ containers, with no tilting, enhances your shipping container moving capabilities, accommodating a range of commercial and residential needs.

    · Space Optimization

    With a Container Movers’ side-loader trailer, you can maximize the use of available space by efficiently stacking containers. This space optimization translates into cost savings and increased efficiency, by allowing you to store more containers in a single footprint.

    · Safety Standards

    Safety is paramount in logistics. Container Movers’ self-loading, level lifting trailers adhere to the highest safety standards, ensuring secure and damage-free transportation of your goods. The design includes features like automatic tilt alert sensors and secure latching mechanisms, guaranteeing a stable container transport experience.

Ground-to-Ground Pick-up and Delivery of Shipping Containers

The value in utilizing a sideloader is found in its ground-to-ground, level-lifting delivery system. It eliminates additional logistic costs and the need for specialized loading areas. Our sideloader’s superior maneuverability and self loading trailer, allows them to move containers directly from the ground to the ground, a platform, a flatbed, or railcar, thereby providing flexibility and optimization in container logistics. If you have a container, loaded or unloaded, that needs to be relocated, with minimal tilting, we can make it happen.

Long-Haul Shipping Container Transportation Without Traditional Cranes

Replacing the traditionally high cost of hiring a crane, crane operator, and rigger, our sideloader trailer and truck efficiently moves containers from the ground to a flatbed for long-haul transportation. Although it might be more cost effective to use a flatbed for transports greater than 300 miles, we'll run anywhere in the country. Our sideloader trailer utilizes 2 crane arms that allows for self-loading or loading onto another chassis, thereby removing the logistical complexities and costs associated with crane equipment, operators, and riggers, as well as streamlining the entire container transport process.

Cost-Effectiveness Over Crane Operations

Utilizing a sideloader will prove more cost effective than a traditional crane, every time. Crane prices vary dramatically depending on the weight of your container, and the heavier your container is the bigger the crane bill will be. How is a sideloader different? Our sideloader's rate is the same, every time. For businesses or residential customers in need of shipping container relocation or Conex transport, our price won't change based on the weight.

Precision Placement and Level Loading

Our sideloaders offer precision placement of containers within 1/4-inch accuracy, whether containers need to be positioned next to each other, on blocks, or adjacent to a building. The sideloaders use of two crane arms creates four points of contact, ensuring level loading and transfer of containers. This contrasts with cranes that have one point of contact with a four-point sling, leading to less stability and potential swinging of the container.

Double Stacking Capability

Sideloaders go beyond standard container transport capabilities by allowing the double stacking of containers. Our advanced sideloader has extended arms, with the unique ability to reach over a container to either lift or doublestack another container. This is ideal for tightly confined areas. When you need to save time and money all while optimizing your space - our sideloader is your solution.

Container Movers’ Transport Company: Experience the Difference

Container Movers offers innovative container/conex box transportation and drayage services. Our sidelifter mobile crane system, along with landolls and portable cranes, gives us the unique ability to level lift loaded conex containers in any combination of scenarios including onto and off:

  • The ground
  • Container chassis
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Rail cars

We are a trucking transport broker providing onsite pick up and delivery services for your portable shipping containers/conex boxes.

Container Movers offers nationwide delivery throughout the continental US, and provides transportation solutions to meet your container/conex box transport needs.

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You will quickly realize the value and savings in cost when comparing our innovative and unique shipping container transport solutions in pick-up and delivery of your fully loaded Conex or storage containers from ground to ground.

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