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Nationwide Rail And Ground Drayage Services

Drayage services are specialty carriers – with appropriate licensing, bonding, and agreements necessary to fill the gaps in intermodal transportation. Drayage carriers pull portable containers in and out of ports, harbors, and warehouses. Container Movers conveniently offers a variety of transport services nationally throughout the continental US and with limited delivery into Canada.

Our drayage services provide quick, efficient delivery of time-sensitive goods. We employ the latest technologies, letting us provide the visibility and seamless movement that your supply chain management requires. We will get your goods from point A to point B on time, with no damage.

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Reliable and Efficient Portable Container Hauling Services

When you are in need of a reliable cargo container/conex box transportation solution that will efficiently transport your container, and save you time and money, contact us, We are a a professional container transportation brokerage utilizing revolutionary sidelifter mobile crane trucks, as well as landolls and mobile cranes, to transport your loaded containers, ground-to-ground.

With our unique conex box container side loader, as well as Landolls and mobile cranes, we are able to load and unload your shipping container in a variety of situations. What may be impossible for other haulers, is possible for Container Movers! We will seamlessly move your portable conex box to its intended destination. You can trust your goods will be handled with care and delivered on schedule!

What is a Side Loader Truck?

A side-loader trailer is a self-loading trailer with two hydraulic lifting arms (cranes) to lift a container onto it. Our state-of-the-art swinglifter side-loader trailer allows for precise placement of shipping containers wherever accessible by truck, facilitating ground level loading or unloading with unmatched precision; particularly in hard to reach areas. It safely lifts and transports even fully loaded containers with a powerful 35-ton capacity. This versatile equipment handles both 20-foot and 40-foot containers, maintaining stability throughout the process. Ideal for moving large or heavy cargo effortlessly, it's a reliable tool in modern logistics—where safety meets strength and reliability.


Reasons to Use Container Movers Intermodal Transportation:

  • Reliable Transport Service Provider
  • Transportation Provided for Any 20, 30, 40, 45, or 53 Foot Shipping Container
  • Level Lifting Capable
  • Onsite Ground Level Portable Container Delivery
  • Continental US Delivery

Container Movers is a reliable, unique solution to serve your transportation needs.

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What Is Drayage?

Definition: Transporting goods a short distance via ground freight or the charge for such a transport. In freight forwarding, Drayage is typically used to describe the trucking service from an ocean port to a rail ramp, warehouse, or other destination.

History: The word Drayage originally stems from the term dray, a low cart without fixed sides that is used for carrying heavy loads a short distance. Although a dray is defined as a cart historically, a dray may be any vehicle used to transport heavy loads a short distance, such as a truck or sled.

The Process of Moving a Shipping Container

Data show that intermodal trucking moves 71% of all the freight in America today. We are a nation highly dependent on the efficient moving of our freight via intermodal shipping container delivery services. However, hauling freight is not always a straight line when it comes to your supply chain requirements- you need experts to help manage and customize solutions based on your needs. Container delivery service companies need to be able to recognize this and take charge of every customer’s needs.

Customers want to entrust their cargo to a company that has the correct container transportation equipment such as mobile side-lifter crane trucks or specialized chassis available for the overweight and over dimensional goods. When exporting goods, they want to know container delivery services are able to accommodate their high-volume containers when the client’s own warehouse space is running low so they can get goods ready, loaded into the container and have it hauled away for safekeeping until all the legal documentation is complete for shipment to customers. It’s imperative that a customer is aware of their needs, and of what the container delivery service is able to provide.

Moving a shipping container can evolve into a very sophisticated process. Therefore, a sophisticated customer will search for a company that owns specialized equipment including side-lifter crane trucks, trailers, and chassis. This company should also have experience in complicated container moves utilizing rail and intermodal trucking. Finding a provider that specializes in and is able to use the best, most reliable rail yards and transportation companies is always an added benefit as well. It’s essential that you select a company with a proven track record who can provide other value added services and unique benefits besides standard drayage to help streamline your shipments.

While the trucking industry is now decades old, it remains dynamic, with constant demand from consumers keeping trucking as vital to the economy as ever. Trucks move roughly 71.4% of the nation’s freight by weight, and it serves as a vital lifeline between producers and consumers when it comes to everything from gasoline to gallons of milk. When you are in need of a cargo container moving company, be sure they have the expertise, equipment, and customized solutions for your freight delivery.